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The Sentry RiverPool® is capable of moving 7,000 gallons of water per minute with our 7-1/2 HP motor. Grills straighten and smooth the water's flow thus resulting in a River like current that is totally adjustable in speeds from a gentle current "flow" to a racer's pace by simply using our hand held remote.

The Sentry RiverPool® current is generated by a 18" Stainless Steel propeller housed inside a stainless steel housing that is driven by either a 5 HP or 7-1/2 HP hydraulic motor.

The Sentry RiverPool® return system reciruclates the water through the underwater perimeter bench. As the water flows down the center of the Sentry RiverPool®, it enters a grill in the rear bench. The side benches act as return channels that loop the water from the back of the Sentry RiverPool® to the front of the Sentry RiverPool®.

As the water is returned through the flow head, the width and depth of the Sentry flow head grate produces a very smooth current. You will also notice an uplifting of your legs. This allows for a smoother kick to give you a great workout.

A RiverPool® can be installed almost anywhere
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • In a existing or new construction
  • In your Sunroom
  • In your Basement
  • In your Garage
  • In any ground floor room
  • In your Back Yard
  • On your Deck

Sentry RiverPool®

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